​​The mission of the PRES PTA is to bring together home and school; we seek to unite parents and teachers in educating our children in a caring, stimulating environment. 


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Box Tops for Education

Collecting Box Tops is so easy! You can find them on hundreds of participating products. Just clip them and send them in to school to your child's teacher on the designated date. Twice a year, PRES submits all its Box Tops and receives a check in return – and we can use that money to buy anything we need. You probably have many Box Tops already - so please start clipping away! 

Click HERE for a printable collection sheet.

School Dismissal Manager

School Dismissal Manager  notifies PRES of your updates so that it is no longer necessary for you to phone the school, send notes, or send an email to inform the school of dismissal changes.  School Dismissal Manager will provide the school with a more organized and efficient tracking system for afternoon dismissals.  Free apps are available for Android and iPhone users.

When creating an exception for the current day, please note that the cut-off time is 1 pm on regular days and 10:30 am on early dismissal days.  No dismissal changes can be made after the cut-off time, unless it is an emergency, in which case you will need to call the school office to request the change for the current day.  If your child has a recurring dismissal plan, please enter this change as a recurring dismissal instruction.

School Dismissal Manager can be accessed HERE.

The Parent Guide for Creating Exceptions provides details on how to use the system.  Please contact the PRES office if you have any questions or concerns.

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